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  Photo..Viterbo Collection of Valerio Giulianelliís photographic plates

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Photo gallery 1875-1900
Album fotografico in allestimento

  Photographic plates and boxes

  Photographic equipment used by Lorenzo Tedeschi  

  Lorenzo Tedeschi         

  People and life in the town

  Photographic plates 9x12 - Florence 1880-1885                            

  Photographic plates 13x18 - the countryside near Florence 1885          

  The Carneval in piazza Fontana Grande

  Procession along via cavour

  The market in piazza Fontana Grande

  Places in the town and surrounding area

Photo gallery from 1900

  Ancient Rome pictures of year 1920

  Places in the town and surrounding area

  The  "Armeni " hospital (San Simone)   bsp; bsp; bsp; bsp; bsp; in allestimento

  Some shows and exhibitions
Photos of the World

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