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"Ancient photos of Viterbo"

Over the last 20 years Valerio Giulianelli has been selecting and putting in order a great quantity of photographic material. In the past some of this material had already been put at the disposal of reserchers and experts of the history of Viterbo who used it for their publications ( "C'era una volta Viterbo" Mauro Galeotti - "La Madonna della Quercia" G. Ciprini - "Antichi spazi del Lavoro" Università della Tuscia - "Informazioni" a periodical publication from the archive Department  of the faculty of cultural heritage  - et altri).

The photo gallery which we present is only a small example. In fact the collection is composed by more than 1.000 negative distrbuted as follows: 400 glass  plates dating back to 1875 - 1900  photographed by Lorenzo Tedeschi and more than 600 from 1900 to 1935 by unknown photographers.




Some original boxes of photographics plates and various equipment used for different sizes of negatives




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