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Lorenzo Tedeschi


Lorenzo Tedeschi (1859 – 1945) began his activity as an amateur photographer at a very young age by immortalizing the streets of Viterbo; this passion lasted for many years while he distinguished himself as an agronomist and agricultural engineer. Among other things we must remember his work for improving land that he owned by realising an innovative irrigation plant fed by a small, autonomous, hydro-electric power station called the “ Officina Elettrica”.


Lorenzo Tedeschi always took part in the entrepreneurial life of Viterbo with numerous initiatives, together with his relatives, such as:

-The realization of the works known as “Soc. Ceramica Viterbese” at the beginning of the 20th century, which was an avant-garde industry for its time and provided work for numerous families for many years;

-In the 30s the oil mill bearing the same name situated outside Porta S. Pietro and planned entirely by Eng. Lorenzo Tedeschi and his son Valerio, was built by Breda Officine in Milan which they carried in triumph due to its extracting attributes;

-The “zuccherificio” (sugar refinery) situated in the Pietrare locality, which unfortunately never opened, was supposed to transform the sugar beet, which were then widely grown in the countryside surrounding Viterbo, into sugar. This idea could have changed the nature of agriculture in the area;

-Despite the numerous above mentioned commitments, Lorenzo Tedeschi cultivated his passion for photography with zeal and determination, reaching high levels both from a technical  and an artistic point of view: in particular one must remember the technical difficulties that he had to face in the early days of photography and unknown to most people.



A watercolor by Lorenzo Tedeschi 11 August 1879 which is the "Alley of New Theatre" located next to the Theatre Union, which leads to Porta San Marco (The door was reopened in 2010). Currently the arch and many stairs you see in the picture no longer exist.

under the writing on the back of the painting

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